Score preferences

The Score pane contains the following preferences:

Figure. Score preferences.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences, the following are available:

  • “Double-click to open” pop-up menu: Determines the window that opens when you double-click a note head: Note Attributes, Event List, Piano Roll, or Step Editor.

  • “Auto split notes in polyphonic staff styles” checkbox and “Split notes at” slider: Saves newly recorded notes automatically with the different MIDI channels used in the corresponding staff style. This preference is only relevant if the chosen default staff style (on the recording track) is polyphonic, and is using MIDI channels for voice assignment.

When Additional Score Options is selected in Advanced preferences, the following are available:

  • “Show region selection colored” checkbox: Displays the staff lines of the currently selected MIDI region in color. All other regions are displayed with black staff lines. This can be useful when changing the display parameters of regions, as the parameters in the Region inspector only affect the currently selected regions. If this option is unselected, all staffs are displayed in black, whether selected or not.

  • “Display distance values in inches” checkbox: Displays units in the Page Score view ruler in inches. If not selected, the unit defaults to centimeters.

  • Selection Color button: Choose the color of selected objects in the Score Editor. Click the Reset button to revert to the default color.

  • Camera Tool: Write to buttons: Choose either the Clipboard or a PDF File as the destination for image exports with the Camera tool.