General settings

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences, you can use the musical grid setting to determine the view option for the ruler, and whether or not tempo information is written into recorded audio files.

Figure. General settings.
  • “Use musical grid” checkbox: Sets the ruler to bars and beats, and tempo information is recorded into audio files. When unselected, the ruler is set to time, and tempo information is not recorded into audio files.

  • “Region automation takes priority over track automation” checkbox: If selected, track-based automation is suspended between the region start and end, if the region contains automation data for the same parameter. It is on by default in new projects—and off by default in projects that were created in older Logic versions.

  • “Use preset parameter value for regions without region automation (if no track automation is present)” checkbox: If selected, the parameter value you set in the channel strip or plug-in is applied to all regions that do not have automation data for that parameter. If not selected, the final parameter value of the preceding region with automation data will be used for regions without automation data.