Chase settings

MIDI Chase settings are only available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences.

If you start playback in the middle of a project, some events might not be heard (such as notes, sustain pedal events, and pitch bend events that start before the point where playback begins). Using the Chase Events function, you can have Logic Pro analyze the project and include some or all of these events when the project plays back.

Figure. MIDI Chase settings.
  • Notes checkbox: Sends any notes due to start playing at the playback start point.

  • Notes: Sustained checkbox: Sends any notes that are still playing at the playback start point (due to a sustain pedal event).

  • Notes: In ‘No Transpose’ Instrument Channel Strips checkbox: Instrument channel strips (particularly drums) can be assigned No Transpose status in the inspector. This is a playback parameter that is ignored if the region containing the instrument notes is started midway through.

  • Program Change checkbox: Sends any program changes in regions that fall across the playback start point.

  • Pitch Bend checkbox: Sends pitch bend events that immediately precede the playback start point.

  • Control Changes, 0-15, 64-71, and All Other checkboxes: Select to search for continuous controllers 0 to 15, continuous switch controllers 64 to 71, or all other controllers.

  • Aftertouch checkbox: Looks for monophonic (channel) aftertouch messages.

  • Polyphonic Aftertouch checkbox: Scans for polyphonic aftertouch messages.

  • System Exclusive checkbox: Transmits the most recent SysEx message before the playback start point.

  • Text Meta Events checkbox: Transmits the most recent Text Meta Event message before the playback start point.

  • “Chase separate channels in ‘All Channels’ instruments” checkbox: Scans for events on each MIDI subchannel, rather than the global multi-instrument channel. Multi-instruments (found in the Environment) have a global channel, and can have up to 16 MIDI subchannels.

  • Chase on Cycle Jump checkbox: Scans for, and sends, all event types if the cycle start and end points fall across regions.

  • Chase on Cycle Jump: Notes checkbox: Limits cycle jump scan to note events.

  • “Send full MIDI reset before chasing” checkbox: Sends a MIDI reset message before chasing, ensuring that all MIDI devices being triggered are set to their defaults.