General MIDI settings

The General pane of the MIDI project settings contains the following settings:

Figure. General MIDI settings.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences, the following are available:

  • Control Change 7/10 controls Volume/Pan of Channel Strip Objects checkbox:Keep unselected to ensure that all MIDI plug-ins and Smart Control mappings work as intended.

  • Instrument Without MIDI Thru Function pop-up menu:The instrument selected here will not pass events through the computer when the instrument is assigned to the selected track. Normally, you would set the No Output instrument here (chosen by default).

    If your master keyboard doesn’t have a Local Off setting, you can use this feature to avoid unwanted note doubling when recording:

    • With multi-timbral sound sources, assign the instrument (usually channel 1) that plays the part that is heard when playing with the computer turned off.

    • With mono timbral sound sources, assign the instrument that represents the sound-generating part of your master keyboard.

    In either case, you should turn down the volume control of your master keyboard whenever you’re recording tracks for any other instrument.

    It’s possible to disable MIDI Thru for any MIDI track in the Main window, by simply disabling the Record Enable button beside the track name.

When Additional MIDI Options is selected in Advanced preferences, the following are available:

  • Send After Loading Project: “Used instrument MIDI settings” checkbox:Sends the active instrument MIDI settings automatically after loading a project.

  • Send After Loading Project: “All fader values” checkbox:Sends all Environment fader values automatically, once a project is loaded.

  • “SysEx with MIDI Thru function” checkbox:Incoming SysEx messages are passed through the computer to the MIDI outputs, along with other MIDI data. This is particularly important when using hardware programmers, as you can immediately monitor parameter changes to the synthesizer you’re editing.

    If you want to record SysEx dumps, do not select this checkbox. It rarely makes sense to divert dumps through the computer unless you want to record a dump and simultaneously transmit it to a second device of the same type.