Numbers & Names settings

Score Numbers and Names settings are only available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Advanced preferences.

These settings affect the automatic display of page numbers, bar numbers, and instrument names in the score.

Figure. Score Numbers and Names settings.

Page Numbers settings

  • Page Numbers checkbox: Select to turn on the display of page number parameters.

  • Horizontal Position pop-up menu: Alters the horizontal alignment on the page.

    • Alternating: Alternating, beginning on the right side

    • Left, Right, or Centered: Self-explanatory

    • Rev. Alternating: Alternating, beginning on the left side

  • Vertical Position pop-up menu: Alters the vertical alignment on the page. You can choose either Top or Bottom.

  • Page Offset field: This value is added to each actual page number, for display purposes. This setting can be useful when writing a piece consisting of several parts, which are saved as separate project files. To retain continuous page numbers throughout the score, set this parameter to the number of pages contained in all preceding parts (project files).

  • Horizontal Distance field: The horizontal distance from the outermost printing position on the page. This is only relevant for page numbers with the Horizontal Position parameter set to Alternating or Rev. Alternating.

  • Vertical Distance field: The vertical distance to the highest or lowest printing position on the page (depending on whether Vertical Position is set to Top or Bottom).

  • Hide 1st Page Number checkbox: Prevents the display (and printout) of the page number on the first page. (All others are displayed and printed.)

  • Prefix checkbox: Select to enter text that will be displayed with every page number.

    For example, if you use the prefix Page, the word Page, followed by a space and the actual page number, is displayed on each page. This means that page three will display Page 3. If you want the page number in the middle of the prefix, you need to use the # symbol as a variable for the page number. For example, “- pg.# -” on the second page prints as “- pg.2 -.”

    You can also use the following text symbols to include automatically generated text in the prefix:

    • “ i” for the score set name

    • “ n” for the project (file) name

    • “ s” for the name of the currently shown display level, which can be the MIDI region or folder name (or even the project name, on the highest level)

    • “ d” for the current date (at the time of printout)

Bar Numbers settings

  • Bar Numbers checkbox: Select to turn on the display of bar number parameters.

  • Horizontal Position pop-up menu: Choose either At Bar Line or At Bar Center.

  • Vertical Position field: The height above the staff. If a negative value is set here, the bar numbers are placed below the staff.

  • Step field: This value controls the interval (in bars) between the display of bar numbers. A value of 4, for example, results in bar numbers at the first, fifth, ninth bar, and so on. If you only want bar numbers to be displayed at the beginning of each staff line, set this parameter to 0.

  • Bar Offset field: This value is added to all actual bar numbers, for display.

  • Start With field: Automatic numbering begins at the bar indicated here.

  • Hide Bar Numbers in Linear View checkbox: Linear view refers to non-Page Score view.

  • “Follow staff size” checkbox: Displays bar numbers according to staff size.

  • “Count multiple rests” checkbox: Displays the first and last bar number below multiple rests. This makes sense if a negative Vertical Position value is chosen, causing bar numbers to be shown below staffs.

  • “Show at double bars” checkbox: Displays bar numbers at every double bar line and repeat sign, independent of the chosen Step setting. For example, if Step is set to 0 (and Double Bars is activated) bar numbers are displayed at the beginning of each staff line, and above or below all double bar lines and repeat signs.

  • “Top/bottom staff only” checkbox: In full scores, the bar number is only displayed above the top staff, if this option is selected. (A negative Vertical Position value results in the number being shown below the bottom staff.)

Instrument Names settings

  • Instrument Names checkbox: Select to turn on the display of instrument name parameters.

  • Position pop-up menu: Choose from Above Staffs or Beside Staffs.

  • Align pop-up menu: Refers to the space preceding staffs. Choose either Left (at the left margin) or Right (at the right margin).

  • 1st Staff pop-up menu: Choose one of the following to display the instrument name at the first staff: No Names, Short Names, or Full Names.

  • Other Staffs pop-up menu: As above, for other staffs.