Comping overview

Comping is only possible when Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane.

Imagine a scenario in which you have recorded multiple performances of a vocal solo over the same section of a project. You can select the best parts from the different performances and piece them together into a single master take. This process is referred to as comping and is achieved by using the Quick Swipe Comping feature. You can also drag or cut the contents of take folders.

You can switch individual take folders between the following two editing modes, with the active mode determining the types of edits that you can make:

Turn Quick Swipe Comping mode on or off

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Quick Swipe Comping button in the upper-left corner of the take folder.

    Figure. Pointing out the Quick Swipe Comping button.
  • Choose Quick Swipe Comping from the Take Folder pop-up menu.

    Figure. Pointing out the Take Folder pop-up menu.