Move take folders and take regions

You can move take folders and take regions—within the same take lane, between take lanes, and to other tracks. Whether or not you have chosen Overlap or No Overlap in the Drag pop-up menu, take regions inside take folders will always behave as if No Overlap is selected.

Note: To perform the following tasks, you must turn off Quick Swipe Comping mode for the selected take folder.

Move a take folder or take region within its own lane

  • Drag the take folder or take region to the new position.

Move take regions between take lanes

  • Drag the take region to another take lane.

Empty take lanes are automatically removed.

Create a new take lane for a take region

  • Drag the take region onto the take folder, at a position where it will overlap with a take region in the currently active take.

If the dragged take region does not overlap with a take region in the currently active take, it will be added to the take lane of the active take. A new take lane is created directly under the take folder, and the take region is added as a new take.