PCM bounce options

When you select PCM in the Destination area of the Bounce dialog, the following options are available:

Figure. PCM options in the Bounce window.
  • File format pop-up menu: Choose the PCM file format (AIFF, Broadcast Wave, or CAF). PCM files can be automatically added to the Project Audio Browser by selecting the Add to Project checkbox.

  • Resolution pop-up menu: Define the resolution of the bounce file. The options are 16 Bit (for CD delivery), 8 Bit (for multimedia productions,) or 24 Bit (for mastering to DVD).

  • Sample Rate pop-up menu: Choose the sample rate for your bounce file. Options range from 11,025 to 192,000 Hz, including the three most commonly used sample rates: 44,100 (CD-DA), 48,000 (DAT), and 96,000 (DVD).

  • File Type pop-up menu: Choose either Split (for use in Pro Tools), or Interleaved (for further use in Logic Pro or with CD writing software).

    Note: Choosing Split disables Burn to CD/DVD, if it’s chosen in the Destination area.

  • Dithering pop-up menu: Dithering is recommended when bouncing 24-bit recordings into 16-bit files. For details on dithering options, see About dithering algorithms.

  • Surround Bounce checkbox: Available when Additional Surround Options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane. Select this checkbox to bounce all outputs in the project surround format (File > Project Settings > Audio > Surround Format).

    All surround outputs are bounced simultaneously, regardless of which output channel’s Bounce button is clicked (or if the Bounce window was opened via File > Bounce). Each surround channel is bounced to a separate file.

    The Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio > I/O Assignments pane gives you access to the surround settings.

    • You set the stereo and surround output formats in the Output pane.

    • The Bounce Extensions pane displays the extensions that are added to the filenames resulting from a stereo or surround bounce. Select the various fields to edit the extensions.

    • You set the stereo and surround input formats in the Input pane.

    Note: Selecting the Surround Bounce option deselects the MP3, M4A: AAC, and Burn checkboxes in the Destination pane if they’re selected.

  • Add to Project checkbox: Adds the bounced PCM file to the Project Audio Browser.