Share songs to iTunes

You can share a song to your iTunes library to play in iTunes, add to a playlist, or sync to a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. Songs can be shared to iTunes as uncompressed AIFF audio files or as compressed audio files with various quality levels.

Share a song to iTunes:

  1. Choose File > Share > Song to iTunes.

  2. In the Share to iTunes dialog, do the following:

    Figure. Share to iTunes dialog.
    • If you want to rename the shared file, select the name in the Title field, then enter a new name.

    • Enter information for the shared file in the Artist, Composer, Album, and iTunes Playlist fields.

      Tip: You can also add these tags in My Info preferences.

    • Choose the quality level for the shared file from the Quality pop-up menu.

    • Select the checkbox if you want to export only the part of the song within the cycle area (if active), or the part defined by selected regions (if selected). If the checkbox is unselected, or there is no active cycle area or selected regions, the entire project length is exported.

  3. Click Share.

The shared song appears in the iTunes library, where you can add it to playlists, convert it, or burn it to a CD. The format of the shared song is determined by the iTunes import settings.