Share songs to SoundCloud

If you have a SoundCloud account, you can share a song to SoundCloud directly from Logic Pro. You can choose the quality and visibility level for the shared song, set permissions, and also send an email to notify others that the song is available.

Share a song to your SoundCloud account

  1. Choose File > Share > Song to SoundCloud.

  2. If you aren’t currently logged in to your SoundCloud account, enter your email address and password, then click Connect.

    Alternatively, you can log in to your Facebook account.

  3. In the Share to SoundCloud dialog, do the following:

    Figure. Share to SoundCloud dialog.
    • To sign in to a different SoundCloud account, click Change, then enter the login information for the account.

    • To share an audio file, select File, click Browse, then browse to the location of the file.

    • To share the current song, select Bounce.

    • Enter title, artist, composer, and album information for the song in the respective text fields.

      Songs must have a title in the Title field. The remaining information is optional.

      Tip: You can also add these tags in My Info preferences.

    • Choose the quality level for the song from the Quality pop-up menu.

    • Choose the visibility level for the song from the Visibility pop-up menu.

    • Set download and streaming permissions for the song in the Permissions section.

  4. Click Share.

    To return to Logic Pro without sharing the song, click Cancel.