Share songs using MailDrop

MailDrop lets you quickly send songs to anyone via Mail.

Share a song via Mail

  1. In Logic Pro, choose File > Share > Mail.

  2. In the Mail dialog, do the following:

    • Select Project, if you want to share a project that recipients can open and edit in Logic Pro on another Mac.

      If working with a project package, all project assets will be shared.

      If working with a project folder, only the project file and not the assets will be shared.

    • Select Song, if you want to share an audio file mixdown that recipients can open and play in iTunes or any app that supports .m4a files.

      You can edit the following settings:

      • Enter a new name in the Title field.

      • Choose an audio format from the Quality pop-up menu.

      • Choose whether to bounce the entire project or only part of it based on the cycle area or the length of selected regions.

  3. Click Share.

If a mail account is available, a new email is created. The project or song attachment will be delivered, even if the size exceeds the maximum allowed size for attachments.