Final Cut Pro XML files

The Final Cut Pro XML format is used to import and export audio data between Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro.

Import a Final Cut Pro XML file into Logic Pro

Do one of the following:

  • Choose File > Import > Final Cut Pro XML, then choose the file in the Import dialog.

  • Locate the file in the Media Browser, then double-click it.

If you import sequences that use audio files with different sample rates, you are given the following options:

  • To alter the sample rate of your Logic Pro project to match all imported Final Cut Pro sequence audio files.

  • To retain the sample rate of your Logic Pro project. All Final Cut Pro sequence audio files that use a sample rate that differs from the selected one are converted.

Note: When you import Final Cut Pro sequences into Logic Pro, automation data—volume and pan, for example—is retained.

Export a Logic Pro project as a Final Cut Pro XML file

  1. Choose File > Export > Project to Final Cut Pro XML.

  2. In the Export Project to Final Cut Pro XML dialog, do the following:

    • Enter a name for the export file in the Save As field.

    • Select the Export as Final Cut Compound Clip checkbox if you want to export the project as a compond clip.

    • Select the “Include video in export” checkbox if you want to include the movie (if one exists) in the XML file.

  3. Click Save.

Note: Software instrument tracks are always bounced to audio files. MIDI tracks are ignored. Bouncing automatically switches to real-time mode, if necessary (such as when an I/O or External Instrument plug-in is used).