Add Apple Loops to your projects

After searching for loops in the Loop Browser and finding the ones you want to use, you add them to your project. In the Tracks area, you can move, copy, and make other changes to the loops.

Add a loop to your project

Do one of the following:

  • Drag a loop to an empty area of the Tracks area, below the existing tracks.

    A new track of the appropriate type (audio or software instrument) is created, and the loop is added to the new track.

  • Drag an audio loop (blue) to an audio track.

  • Drag a software instrument loop (green) to a software instrument track.

  • Drag a software instrument loop (green) to an audio track to convert it to an audio loop.

New projects default to a project tempo of 120 bpm or to the native tempo of the first Apple Loop added. When you add subsequent Apple Loops, they automatically play at the project tempo. When you add an Apple Loop, it’s matched to the project key. If you change the project key, the regions created from the loops are transposed to the new key.