Play audio files

The playback modes outlined below only apply to regions in the Project Audio Browser (when the window has key focus), and have no effect on project playback.

Play an entire region

  1. Select the region in the Project Audio Browser.

  2. Control-click the Prelisten button at the bottom of the Project Audio Browser, then choose one of the following options from the shortcut menu:

    • Auto-select Channel Strip: The audio channel strip assigned to the selected track is used for playback.

    • Prelisten Channel Strip: The Environment’s Prelisten channel strip is used for playback. You can access the Prelisten channel strip in the Environment’s Mixer layer. It is located to the right of the highest-numbered audio channel strip.

  3. Click the Prelisten button (or press the Space bar) to start and stop playback.

Play a region from a specific position

  1. Click-hold the region’s waveform display.

    Playback starts at the click point.

  2. Release the mouse button to stop playback.