Choose a Smart Control layout

Each Smart Control features a layout, with a background graphic and a set of screen controls in a defined order. Each layout is designed for a particular type of instrument or track. If the selected track doesn’t contain plug-ins, an empty layout is displayed.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can choose a different layout for the current Smart Control to change the number or arrangement of screen controls. In the Layout menu, you can choose between layouts for the selected Smart Control, along with a Factory Layouts submenu containing additional layouts. You can also have Logic Pro automatically choose an appropriate layout.

For Track Stacks, you can choose a layout for the main track of a summing stack, but not for the main track of a folder stack. Subtracks for both folder stacks and summing stacks can have their own Smart Control layout.

When a subtrack of a summing stack is selected, an additional Main Track Smart Controls item appears in the Layout menu. Choosing this item shows the layout for the main track of the summing stack, rather than a separate layout for the subtrack. Adjusting any screen controls switches focus to the main track of the summing stack.

Choose a different layout for the current Smart Control

  1. In the Smart Controls pane, click the Inspector button in the Smart Controls menu bar.

    The Smart Control inspector opens, showing additional parameters for the Smart Control.

    Figure. Smart Control inspector open
  2. Click the name of the current layout at the top of the Smart Control inspector, then choose a new layout from the Layout pop-up menu.

    To have Logic Pro choose an appropriate layout, choose Automatic Smart Controls.