Control articulation changes using articulation IDs

Some software instruments that use the EXS24 mkII software sampler, including drummers, strings, and other orchestral instruments, provide multiple articulations for MIDI notes using articulation IDs. For patches containing these software instruments, you can map a screen control to the Articulation ID parameter and use it to change note articulations in real time while you play the patch.

Map a screen control to the Articulation ID parameter

  1. In the Smart Controls pane, click the the Inspector button in the Smart Controls menu bar.

  2. Select a screen control.

    To switch between two values, select a button screen control. To select between a larger range of values, select a knob or slider screen control.

  3. In the Smart Control inspector, click the Parameter Mapping disclosure triangle.

  4. In the Parameter Mapping area, click the parameter name, then choose Non-automatable > Main > Articulation ID from the pop-up menu.

  5. Set the Range Min to 1 (one). Set the Range Max to the next value (to switch between two values) or to the number of used articulation IDs (to select between all used values).

When you play the patch, you can change articulations by manipulating the screen control.