MTC interpretation

The MIDI standard supports four of the seven commonly used timecode formats: the 30 fps and 29.97 fps (frames per second) formats are not differentiated in the MIDI specification.

Logic Pro X needs to determine the intended format of incoming MTC (MIDI Time Code) and interprets it as follows:

  • 23.976 fps is interpreted as 24 fps.

  • 24 fps is interpreted as 24 fps.

  • 25 fps is interpreted as 25 fps.

  • 29.97 fps is interpreted as 29.97 fps.

  • 29.97 fps drop frame is interpreted as 29.97 drop fps.

  • 30 fps drop frame is interpreted as 29.97 drop fps.

  • 30 fps is interpreted as 29.97 fps.

Note: MIDI Time Code (MTC) is the MIDI equivalent of the audio-based SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) timecode format.

Manually set a frame rate

  • Choose a frame rate in the File > Project Settings > Synchronization > General > Frame Rate pop-up menu. This setting overrides the automatic detection and interpretation of frame rates.

    Figure. Synchronization project settings showing Frame Rate pop-up menu.