Add a movie to your project

You can view a QuickTime movie file synchronously with your project, making film and TV scoring quick and easy. Although you can’t record or edit video directly in Logic Pro X, you can replace the soundtrack of a video file with music, Foley, and dialogue arranged in your project.

You can open a QuickTime movie in a separate Movie window and can also display the single frames of a QuickTime movie in the global Video track.

When a movie is opened in a project, the upper part of the inspector shows a closed Movie area, which can be opened by clicking the disclosure triangle.

Figure. Main window showing movie in global Video track, and also opened as a separate Movie window.

Movie playback follows the playhead position, and vice versa, in the Movie inspector area and in the Movie window. Audio playback for the movie is only audible if either the Movie inspector area or Movie window is open.

Note: You will need a fast processor to ensure smooth movie playback. If you want to record and edit your own QuickTime movie from a video recorder or digital camera, you may need specialized hardware.

Open a Movie window in Logic Pro X

Do one of the following:

  • Choose File > Movie > Open Movie (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment: Option-Command-O).

  • Open the Movie pop-up menu in the global Movie track header, then choose Open Movie.

  • Click any position on the Video track with the Pencil tool.

  • Click the Media button in the control bar, then click the Movies button and choose the movie file.

The movie opens in the floating Movie window, in its correct aspect ratio.

Note: Only one QuickTime movie can be opened in a project. If you use the Open Movie command in a project that already contains a movie, a Movie window reopens with the same video clip. This is particularly useful if you want to open the video clip in a different screenset. If you choose the command while the Movie window is open, a dialog appears, allowing you to choose a new movie file.

Remove a movie from a project

Do one of the following:

  • Choose File > Movie > Remove Movie (or use the corresponding key command).

  • Open the Movie pop-up menu in the global Movie track header, then choose Remove Movie.

All references to the movie are deleted from the project.