Add automatic text

The text group in the Part box contains four objects you can use to add the display level, instrument name, project name, and date. The corresponding text is automatically displayed at the position you place the object:

  • REGION: Displays the name of the current display level. This can be a MIDI region, a folder, or even the name of the project file (on the highest level).

  • INSTR (Instrument): Displays the name of the currently displayed instrument or score set. For more information, see Score sets overview.

  • SONG: Displays the name of the project file.

  • DATE: Displays the current date (at the time of printout).

Automatic text objects can be inserted as both global text (in the margin areas), or as text objects related to a bar position (in one of the staffs or regions). For example, you can insert the INSTR object as a global object to display the name of the current score set on all pages. The appearance, and exact positioning, of these objects can be set in the Event inspector.

Add an automatic text object

  • Drag a REGION, INST, SONG, or DATE text object from the Part box to the score.