Add global text

Score sets determine which software instrument tracks are included in the score display. Each project can contain as many score sets as required. For more information on score sets, see Score sets overview.

Global text objects appear in all score sets of a project (score, parts, and so on), although they’re inserted just once.

Unlike regular text objects, the position of global text does not relate to bar positions, but is defined as a graphic position on the page. Global text can be inserted and viewed only in Page view. A common example of a global text object is a song name, commonly placed in the page header.

Add a global text object

  • Drag a text object from the Part box to one of the following areas of the page:

    • In the header space (set in Layout > Global Format).

      Figure. Global text header in the Score Editor.
    • Outside, or directly on, any of the page margin lines.

Text objects inserted in one of these areas automatically become global text objects.

After you add global text to one of the margin areas, you can move it anywhere on the page.

Position global text

Do one of the following:

  • To move global text objects vertically only: Use the Pointer tool.

  • To move global text objects both vertically and horizontally: Hold down Shift, then use the Pointer tool; or use the Layout tool.

When a global text object is selected, the Event inspector contains the following additional parameters:

Figure. Global text object parameters in the Event Parameter box.
  • Align pop-up menu: Although alignments relating to bar positions are shown in the pop-up menu, you can’t choose them here.

  • Pages pop-up menu: Defines the pages that the global text object is displayed on. You can choose between the following options:

    • 1: The text will only be displayed on the first page.

    • 2: The text will be displayed on all pages except the first one.

    • Odd: The text will be displayed on all pages with odd numbers.

    • Even: The text will be displayed on all pages with even numbers.

    • All: The text will be displayed on all pages.

  • Zone pop-up menu: The margin area that the text belongs to or is associated with. You can choose between Top, Header, Side, Footer, and Bottom.