Add bar lines, repeat signs, and coda signs

You can add bar lines, repeat signs, coda signs, and other symbols at the beginning or end of a bar, or at any visible bar position (where a note or rest is displayed). These symbols are only visual, and have no effect on MIDI playback.

These are global symbols that are displayed in all staffs, at all display levels. When added to a score, bar lines and repeat signs (except for first and second ending signs) replace the regular bar line.

The one- or two-bar repeat symbols replace all notes and rests in the corresponding bars; all other symbols remain visible. Hidden notes can still be heard, so MIDI playback is not affected. These signs can be moved only in the Event List or Event Float window.

When a double repeat sign is positioned at a line break, it is automatically displayed as two back-to-back repeat signs, one at the end of the line, and one at the beginning of the next line.

The Part box is available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Logic Pro Advanced preferences.

Add a bar line, repeat sign, or coda sign

  1. If the Bars and Repeats section of the Part box isn’t visible, click the Bars and Repeats button in the Part box.

  2. Drag a symbol from the Part box to the place in the score where you want to add it.

Delete an added bar line or repeat sign

  • Click the symbol with the Eraser tool.

Add a first or second ending symbol

  1. Drag the symbol from the Part box to the place in the score where you want to add it.

    After you add a repeat ending symbol, you can edit the ending number. The default text is “1.” and “2.” To accept the defaults, press Return. Alternatively, enter any text into these brackets. The bracket that defaults to “2.” is open—without a vertical end line, like the “1.” ending.

  2. If necessary, move the symbol to the correct position by dragging its upper-left corner.

  3. Adjust the length of the symbol by dragging its right end.

  4. You can delete a repeat ending by selecting it, then pressing the Delete key.

    First and second endings are only displayed on staffs with bar lines that aren’t connected to the staff above. The Alternate Repeat Symbols (for the whole project) option in File > Project Settings > Score > Global activates a real book–style display of repeat signs.