Add sustain pedal markings

Piano parts can display sustain pedal down and up markings in the Score Editor. When you open a MIDI region with Sustain data (MIDI controller #64, sustain pedal on and off) in the Score Editor, the Sustain data appears as pedal markings. Adding pedal markings to the score makes the affected notes sustain (that is, the MIDI playback is affected). These pedal markings are the only score symbols apart from notes that directly represent MIDI events.

Logic Pro intelligently inserts the on (pedal down) or off (pedal up) version of the symbol, depending on the last preceding pedal symbol on the staff (a sustain off always follows a sustain on, and vice versa).

Add pedal symbols from the Insert pop-up menu

  • Choose Ped from the Insert pop-up menu in the Score Editor inspector, then Command-click at the point where you want to add the pedal down symbol, and drag to the point where you want to add the pedal up symbol.

Add sustain pedal symbols from the Part box

  1. If the Pedal section of the Part box isn’t visible, click the Pedal button in the Part box.

  2. Drag a pedal symbol from the Part box to the place in the score where you want to add it.

The Part box is available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Logic Pro Advanced preferences.