Change the appearance of note heads

Logic Pro offers a wide variety of note heads for percussion notation, harmonics, and other uses. You can change note heads by dragging a note head from the Part box into the score. Note heads are visual symbols only and have no effect on project playback.

The Part box is available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Logic Pro Advanced preferences.

Change a note head

  1. If the Note Heads section of the Part box isn’t visible, click the Note Heads button in the Part box.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To change a single note head: Drag a note head from the Part box onto the note.

    • To change multiple note heads: Select multiple notes, then drag a note head from the Part box onto the selected notes.

    • To return altered notes to a standard note head: Select the notes, then drag the black, round note head from the Part box onto the altered notes.

    • To make a note head invisible in the printed score: Drag the gray note head onto the note.

      The note is displayed with a gray note head onscreen, allowing further edits. Nothing but the stem is visible in the printout. You can combine this feature with the Note Attributes > Stem > Hide command to completely hide these notes in the printed score.

You can also change the appearance of note heads from the Attributes submenu of the local Functions menu.