Change the clef sign

Each staff style has a default clef sign. In general, you should choose a staff style with the clef you want the part or staff to use for most of the score. For information about choosing staff styles, see Work with staff styles.

You can add clef changes to the score to improve readability; for example, when the notes of an instrument normally written in one clef move into a different range that would require many ledger lines in the original clef.

The Part box is available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in Logic Pro Advanced preferences.

Add a clef sign from the Part box

  1. If the Clefs section of the Part box isn’t visible, click the Clefs button in the Part box.

  2. Drag a clef sign from the Part box to the place in the part or score where you want to add it.

Change the clef sign in Wrapped view or Page view

  1. Control-click the clef sign.

  2. Choose Select Clef from the shortcut menu.

  3. Click the clef sign, then click OK (or double-click the clef sign).

Change the size of secondary clefs

  1. Open the Clefs and Signatures project settings by doing one of the following:

    • Choose Layout > Clefs and Signatures (or use the Settings: Clefs and Signatures key command).

    • Choose File > Project Settings > Score (or use the corresponding key command), then click Clefs and Signatures.

  2. Choose a value in the Smaller Clef Changes pop-up menu.

    All clefs, except the first one in every staff, will be reduced in size, depending on the value chosen here. This happens regardless of whether the clef changes are the result of a different staff style in the same staff, or clefs inserted from the Part box.