Part box overview

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can add notes and other symbols from the Part box in the inspector. The Part box contains a complete collection of score symbols, arranged in groups. You can control which symbols are displayed in the Part box, reorder symbol groups, and open the Part box as a separate, floating window.

The Part box includes the following types of symbols:

  • Notes and rests

  • Key and time signature symbols

  • Clef signs

  • Slurs and crescendo/decrescendo symbols

  • Note heads

  • Accents, bowing marks, fermatas, and other symbols that apply to specific notes

  • Phrasing marks

  • Trills and other ornaments, tremolo symbols

  • Sustain pedal markings

  • Bar lines, repeat signs, and Segno and Coda markings

  • Lyrics and text

  • Chord symbols

  • Chord grids and tablature symbols

  • Page and line break symbols

Open the Part box

  1. With the Score Editor open, click the Inspector button in the control bar.

  2. If the Part box is closed, click its disclosure triangle in the inspector to open it.

Open the Part box as a separate window

  • Drag the Part box out by its title bar.

Close the Part box

  • Click the disclosure triangle for the Part box in the inspector.