Create separate layouts for a full score and parts

You can define separate layout parameters for a full score and its parts, then choose which parameters a score set uses.

Create separate layout parameters for a full score and parts

  1. Open the Global Score project settings by choosing File > Project Settings > Score (or use the Open Score Project Settings key command), then click Global.

    Figure. Global pane in the Score project settings.

    The Global pane offers separate page layout parameters for score and parts.

  2. Edit the score and part layout parameters, including the top, bottom, left, and right margins; header space; line distance; and maximum number of bars per line.

Choose the layout parameters used by a score set

  • In the Score Sets window, choose either Score or Parts from the Format pop-up menu.

    Figure. Format pop-up menu in Score Sets window

For the default All Instruments score set, the Score format is used, except when a single region is displayed. In this case, the Parts format is used.