Resize score sets

You can resize a score set to between 50 and 200 percent of its original size. Scaling affects the staffs in the score, the distance between staffs, all symbols associated with staffs (notes, rests, and other symbols), text (including lyrics), and the thickness of slurs and ties. Scaling doesn’t affect global text objects (header text, or text inserted outside the margins) and text such as page numbers.

Scaling also doesn’t affect instrument parts that are created by extracting parts (as described below; see Extract parts from the score). This lets you use the same staff styles for both full scores and parts. In extracted parts, the staffs appear at their original size; in the full score, their size is defined by the Scale parameter.

Scale a score set

  • Select the score set in the Score Sets window, then set the Scale parameter to a new value.

    Figure. Scale parameter in the Score Set window.

Note: Because the All Instruments score set can’t be edited (and therefore, can’t be scaled), you must create a dedicated score set for the full score, in most cases.