Choose a color mode

The settings in the Score Editor’s View > Colors menu determine the color mode for the active Score Editor window. These settings have priority over all other color settings.

Choose the color mode for the Score Editor

  • Choose one of the following from the View > Colors submenu in the Score Editor menu bar:

    • Normal: Colors are assigned in accordance with the color settings in staff styles and note attributes. As long as these settings haven’t been changed in new projects, the result is a regular black-and-white printout, and black notes on a yellow background onscreen.

    • Show Pitch: Applies colors in accordance with note pitches. The colors of notes can be edited in the Functions > Note Attributes > Colors window. This window also allows you to determine whether notes with accidentals match the color of those without accidentals, or if each note in the chromatic scale has its own color.

    • Show Velocity: Applies eight different colors, in accordance with MIDI velocity. These colors can also be edited in the Layout > Colors window.

    • Show Voice Assignment: Assigns different colors to different voices. This setting only makes sense in staff styles that contain more than one voice. This mode employs the colors of the User Palette, which can also be found and edited in the Layout > Colors window, or by opening File > Project Settings > Score > Colors.

    • Force Black & White: Does exactly what the name implies. This mode is useful when color options have been used in staff styles, or have been assigned to notes using note attributes, but you want to print a black-and-white score.