Change the color of notes

When Additional Score Options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can assign different colors to individual notes, using the available colors in the three color palettes.

Assign a color to a note

Do one of the following:

  • Select the note, then choose Functions > Note Attributes > Colors from the Score Editor menu bar, and choose a color.

  • Control-click a note head, choose Attributes > Colors from the shortcut menu, then choose an option from the submenu.

You can also turn on the Velocity or Pitch Color mode in the Colors submenu. Pitch colors can be diatonically or chromatically mapped. Note that velocity colors match particular MIDI velocity ranges.

You can edit the 16 color options of the Score Editor’s Functions > Attributes submenu, the velocity colors, and the pitch colors in Logic Pro > Project Settings > Score > Color. For more information, see Colors settings.

Note: As note attributes, these settings have priority over the staff style settings, but they only apply if the Color mode is set to Normal in the Score Editor’s View > Colors submenu.