Change the display and position of accidentals

By default, the display of accidentals depends on the chosen key signature. Using note attributes, you can change flats to sharps, and vice versa. For information about setting the key signature, see Add key and time signature changes.

When Additional Score Options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, additional options for changing note accidentals become available.

The Accidental Position attribute defines the deviation from the Acc./Note Distance value, chosen in Logic Pro > Project Settings > Score > Layout.

Change the display of accidentals

Do one of the following:

  • In the Note Attributes window, choose a value from the Enharmonic Shift or Accidental Type pop-up menu (see list of settings below).

  • Choose Functions > Note Attributes > Accidentals from the Score Editor menu bar, then choose one of the following display options:

    • Default Accidental: The display of accidentals depends on the chosen key signature.

    • Enharmonic Shift#: Converts G flat to F sharp, or F to E sharp, for example.

    • Enharmonic Shiftb: Converts D sharp to E flat, or B to C flat, for example.

    • Flats To Sharps: Similar to Enharmonic Shift #, but leaves notes without flats unaltered (useful for multiple selection).

    • Sharps To Flats: Similar to Enharmonic Shift b, but leaves notes without sharps unaltered (useful for multiple selection).

    • Force Accidental: Forces the display of accidentals (and naturals).

    • Hide Accidental: Displays the note without accidentals (MIDI playback is not affected).

    • Guide Accidental: Forces the display of the accidentals (and naturals) in parentheses.

  • Control-click a note head, choose Attributes > Accidentals from the shortcut menu, then choose an option from the submenu.

  • Use one of the following key commands:

    • Default Accidentals

    • Enharmonic Shift: #

    • Enharmonic Shift: b

    • Flats To Sharps

    • Sharps To Flats

    • Force Accidental

    • Hide Accidental

    • Guide Accidental

Change the distance between the accidental and the note

  • Double-click a note, then choose a value from the Accidental Position pop-up menu in the Note Attributes window.