Note attributes overview

You can control the appearance of individual notes in the Score Editor using note attributes. Note attributes include note size and position, accidentals, stems, beaming, and interpretation. Using note attributes, you can enhance the readability of the score and add performance information.

There are three ways to change note attributes: in the Note Attributes window, using the Functions > Attributes submenu, or using key commands. You can change attributes for a group of selected notes in the Attributes submenu (and with corresponding key commands), but can change attributes for only one note in the Note Attributes window. You can also change some note attributes via the Part box, and with tools.

When Additional Score Options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, additional note attributes, including accidental type, note heads, stem position, and syncopation are available in the Note Attributes dialog and the Note Attributes shortcut menu.

Change note attributes

Do one of the following:

  • Select one or more notes, then choose an option from the Score Editor’s Functions > Attributes submenu.

  • Control-click a note head, choose Attributes from the shortcut menu, then choose the specific attribute from the submenu.

  • Double-click a note head to open the Note Attributes window.

    Figure. Note Attributes window.

    To open the Note Attributes window by double-clicking, make sure the Note Attributes setting is chosen in the “Double-click note to open” pop-up menu of the Logic Pro > Preferences > Score window.