Edit multiple items in the Score Editor

When multiple items are selected in the Score Editor, the title of the Event inspector indicates the number of selected items. If the selection is limited to only notes, chords, or text objects, the title also indicates the type of item selected.

If parameter fields are visible while multiple events are selected, their values can be edited simultaneously. The “*” value in a parameter field indicates that the selected items have different values. In this case, there are two options for editing these values: Relative change (preserving relative differences between parameter values) and Absolute change (setting all parameters to an equal value).

You can set the vertical and horizontal position of all selected items to the same value, using any of the following key commands:

  • Align Object Positions Vertically

  • Align Object Positions Horizontally

  • Align Object Positions (affects both parameters)

These key commands set all items to the value of the first selected item. If only one item is selected, a dialog asks if the parameters of all similar objects should be set to the same value. This technique is very useful for aligning lyrics and chord symbols, for example.

Change the relative values of multiple items

Do one of the following:

  • Grab the “*” with the pointer, then use the pointer as a slider.

    The value shown during this process belongs to the first of the selected objects. The other objects are altered by the same amount (while retaining their relative values).

  • Double-click the value, then insert the change (a number with a plus or minus in front of it) in the entry field.

Change multiple items to the same absolute value

  • Hold down Option while grabbing the “*” with the pointer, then use the pointer as a slider.

As soon as you move the pointer, the parameter is set to the same value for all selected objects. This allows you to set all notes of a chord to the same length or velocity, or set all selected objects to the same height (Vertical Pos), for example.