Insert and edit chord grids in the Score Editor

There are several ways to insert chord grids into your score.

Insert a chord grid symbol

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Drag a chord grid symbol from the Part box into the score.

      Figure. Dragging a chord grid symbol into the Score Editor.
    • Choose a chord grid symbol in the Part box, then click in the Score Editor with the Pencil tool.

    Either technique opens the Chord Grid Selector pane in the Chord Grid Library.

    Figure. Chord Grid Selector pane in the Chord Grid Library window.
  2. Select a chord grid, then click OK.

Change the scale of a chord grid

After inserting chord grids in your score, you can edit their size and position accordingly.

  • Control-click a chord grid symbol, then choose one of the following from the shortcut menu:

    • Scale: reduced

    • Scale: normal

    • Scale: enlarged

The scaling values are based on the Grid scaling and Chord scaling settings in the File > Project Settings > Score > Chords & Grids pane.

Figure. Chords and Grids pane in the Score project settings.

Align selected chord grids vertically

  • Select multiple chord grids, Control-click any one of them, then choose Align Object Positions Vertically.

    The selected chord grid symbols are aligned vertically.

    Figure. Showing misaligned chord grid symbols being aligned.

Align all chord grids vertically

  1. Control-click a chord grid, then choose Align Object Positions Vertically.

  2. You’re asked if you want to align all similar objects to this one. Click OK.

All chord grids are aligned vertically.

Copy an existing chord grid

  • Hold down Option while dragging an existing chord grid, then release it when you reach the desired position.

Hide the chord name

You have the option to hide or show the chord name on a chord grid.

Figure. Showing chord name on chord grid symbol being hidden.
  • Control-click a chord grid, then choose Hide Chord Name from the shortcut menu.

Modify the chord of an existing chord grid

  • Double-click the chord grid, choose another in the Chord Grid Selector, then click OK.