Instrument Editor

You use the Instrument Editor pane to view, create, and edit instrument tunings and chord grid libraries. You can also import and export chord grid libraries.

Figure. Instrument Editor pane in Chord Grid Library window.

The Instrument Editor pane includes the following parameters:

  • Name column: Displays the instrument tuning name. Double-click to edit.

  • Library column: Displays the chord grid library name. Double-click to edit.

  • Tuning column: Displays the instrument tuning.

  • Strings column: Displays the number of strings.

  • Chords column: Displays the total number of chords.

  • Basic Chords column: Displays the number of basic chords.

  • Import button: Click to import a library to the Instrument Editor.

  • Export button: Click to export a library from the Instrument Editor.

  • Delete button: Click to delete a tuning or library from the Instrument Editor.

  • Create button: Click to create a library in the Instrument Editor.

Note: The Instrument Editor pane is only available if you open the Chord Grid Library from Logic Pro preferences or from the Layout menu, not when dragging or double-clicking a chord grid symbol.

For information about creating and editing chord grid libraries, see Create, rename, and delete chord grid libraries. For information about importing and exporting chord grid libraries, see Import and export chord grid libraries.