Assign direct output connections

You can assign a direct output connection to a physical MIDI output from any of the following object types:

  • Instrument

  • Multi-instrument

  • Mapped instrument

  • Touch tracks

  • GM mixer

  • MIDI metronome click

Any object with a direct output assignment is indicated by a white triangle to its right. The triangle is hollow when there is no direct assignment.

Figure. Instrument objects with and without direct output assignments.

Assign a direct output connection

  • Choose a MIDI output from the Port pop-up menu in the Object inspector.

    Figure. Port pop-up menu in the Object inspector showing MIDI output options.

    The Port pop-up menu lists all MIDI outputs, including the following options:

    • Off: Disables the connection to the MIDI interface port.

    • All: Routes the object’s output to all available MIDI ports—useful if the device is sending a pulse, for example.