Cable objects in series and in parallel

You can cable objects in series and in parallel. Cabling objects in series is useful for quickly connecting groups of faders that are used to control a MIDI mixing console, for example.

Cable a group of objects in series

  • Select the objects you want to cable, then choose Options > Cable serially.

The objects are cabled in series, starting with the upper-left object.

Cable a group of the same object type to a common destination

  1. Cable one of the source objects to the destination.

  2. Select the destination object, then choose Edit > Copy.

  3. Select the other objects you want to connect to the same destination, then choose Options > Apply Buffer Template to > Cable(s).

You can also copy more complex cabling configurations this way. Just make sure that the object types in the group that you want to copy match the object types in the group that you apply the buffer template to.