Input channel strip

You can only create input channel strip objects in the Environment. In general, you will not need to do so, as all audio hardware inputs are automatically seen by audio channel strips, and can be monitored and recorded.

Input channel strips are primarily included for compatibility with earlier versions of Logic Pro, and for use with certain audio hardware devices. The input channel strip allows you to directly route and control signals from your audio hardware’s inputs. Once an input channel strip is assigned to an audio channel strip, it can be monitored and recorded directly into Logic Pro, along with its effects plug-ins.

The signal is processed, inclusive of plug-ins, even while Logic Pro is not in playback mode. In other words, input channel strips can behave just like external hardware processors. Aux sends can be used pre or post fader.

Input channel strips can be used as live inputs that can stream audio signals from external sources (such as MIDI synthesizers and sound modules) into a stereo mix (by bouncing an output channel strip).

Note: An alternative to using input channel strips in this way is the use of the I/O plug-in; you can also click the Input Monitoring button on an audio channel strip and choose the input or inputs you want to monitor or record via the Input slot.