Fader functions: filter

This parameter provides various filtering options for MIDI events:

  • Off: All incoming MIDI events are allowed to pass through. All events that match the input definition are converted, in accordance with the output definition.

  • Other: All MIDI events that don’t correspond to the input definition are filtered. All events that match the input definition are converted in accordance with the output definition, and allowed to pass through.

  • Match: All MIDI events that match the input definition are filtered; all others are allowed to pass.

  • All: All incoming MIDI events are filtered.

  • Thru: All MIDI events coming from the Physical Input object are filtered. This is the same as turning off all events coming from Logic Pro (from regions or the Environment).

    Use this filter mode to prevent MIDI feedback by blocking incoming MIDI events from being sent back out.

  • Shot: When the fader is moved with the mouse, only the final value (the value when the mouse button is released) is sent.

  • 14 Bit: The result of using this filter setting depends on how it’s used.

    • Used in conjunction with pitch bend, 2-byte (fine-tuning) pitch bend events are allowed.

    • Used with controller messages, the fader sends two MIDI controller messages: one for the MSB (Most Significant Byte) and one for the LSB (Least Significant Byte).

    Note: The fader’s Input and Output definitions must be the same or the 14 Bit setting will not work.

    For controllers, the MSB uses the Input definition controller number, and the LSB uses the controller number 32 or higher. This conforms to the MIDI standard for sending 14-bit controller data.

    When this filter setting is chosen, the fader’s Range can be set to a maximum value of 16,383. A fader value of 8192 represents no pitch bend.

  • Feedback: When the Feedback parameter is turned off (unselected), the fader automatically prevents feedback loops resulting from circular cabling. (The fader remembers when a specific MIDI event has passed through it and will not allow it to pass through again.)

    In some instances, you may want to enable feedback—to allow a MIDI event to change a cable switcher’s position after it has passed through the switch, for example. Selecting the Feedback checkbox will allow this behavior.