Play back fader movements

As with the channel strips in the Mixer, you can record fader object movements to tracks, and play them back.

You don’t need any special cabling to record the data generated by a fader. All data generated by faders is recorded on the selected track when Logic Pro is in record or record/pause mode.

Any fader will react to incoming events that match its Input definition. The fader must, of course, be in the MIDI signal path. Typically, you would accomplish this by cabling the track instrument into the fader.

For fader object automation tasks, however, it’s useful to create a new (standard) instrument for the sole purpose of fader automation. Make sure that the instrument:

  • Has no direct MIDI output

  • Uses the Channel setting All

  • Is connected to the first fader in any chain of serially cabled faders (if cabled this way)