Special functions

There are several behaviors and commands that enhance the use of fader objects.

  • Temporarily grouping faders: If you drag to select or Shift-click to select several faders and move one of them, all selected faders move proportionately.

    As long as all faders remain selected, their relative positions are retained (even after one or more of the faders has reached its minimum or maximum position).

    • Option-dragging any fader in the group changes all values in a linear fashion. (The absolute value differences are maintained.)

    • Option-Shift-dragging any fader in the group changes all faders to the same value.

  • Sending fader values: Choose Options > Send All Fader Values (or use the Send All Current Fader Values key command) to make all fader objects send their current values. Choose Options > Send Selected Fader Values to make all selected fader objects send their current values.

    Use of these commands in conjunction with the Record/Pause mode allows you to record a snapshot of all current fader positions. This is especially useful for virtual mixing desks, or synthesizer panels.

    The File > Project Settings > MIDI > General > “Send After Loading Project: All fader values” option automatically sends all fader values after a project is loaded.

  • Resetting fader values: Choose Options > Reset Selected Faders to set all selected fader values to zero, and transmit the data.