GM mixer parameters

Most of the GM mixer’s setup is done in the Logic Pro Mixer, but there are also a few parameters in the GM Mixer’s inspector:

  • Port pop-up menu: Sets the GM mixer’s direct MIDI output connection.

  • Channel pop-up menu: Determines the channel number of the lowest GM mixer module. You can use this (coupled with resizing the GM mixer) to create sub-mixers for any continuous string of MIDI channels (1 to 4, for example).

  • Legend checkbox: Turns the display of the legend along the left edge of the GM mixer off and on. The legend indicates what the rows of controls do, and is also used to set the function of the top four rows of knobs. After the GM mixer is set up, you can hide the legend to save space.

    Figure. Showing the GM mixer Legend checkbox on and off.
  • Bank checkbox: Hides or shows the bank MSB/LSB display at the bottom of the GM mixer. You can save space by hiding the bank display, unless you need to select program banks numerically.

    Figure. Showing the GM mixer MSB/LSB display.