GM mixer objects overview

The GM mixer is a collection of 16 fader modules, configured to emulate a virtual mixing desk for 16 MIDI channels. Each module includes controls for volume, mute, preset, and bank, and four assignable knobs (one of which is typically used for pan). There are optional controls for standard XG and GS effects.

Figure. Environment window showing a GM mixer object and its inspector.

Create a new GM mixer

  • Choose New > GM Mixer.

The GM mixer is intended for controlling the 16 channels of a MIDI device which conforms to the GM, XG, or GS standard. This includes the GM set of 128 program names (with variation banks for XG or GS), MSB/LSB bank select messages, and standard controller names (#1 for mod wheel, #2 for breath, #7 for volume, #10 for pan, #11 for expression, and so on).