Custom bank selects

Logic Pro provides 16 bank numbers (0 to 15) for each standard instrument, multi-instrument (including subchannels), or mapped instrument object. You can create custom lists, consisting of as many events (of any kind, even SysEx) as you like, for each of these banks.

Whenever you change the bank manually, or send a standard bank change message from Logic Pro, the entire list for that bank is transmitted to your sound module.

Set up custom bank select messages

  1. Select the instrument you want to define bank select messages for.

  2. Choose Options > Define Custom Bank Messages.

    A window similar to the Event List opens, with a single, default bank select message for banks 0 to 15. (The default used is a MIDI controller #0 message, with a value equal to the bank number.)

    Figure. Event List window showing custom bank messages.

    You can create MIDI events here as you would in the Event List, by cutting, copying, inserting, and editing. (See Edit events overview.) The only difference is that you enter a bank number, rather than a time position.

    The letter in parentheses next to the bank number allows you to control the order of transmission when a bank select requires more than one message.

    If there are no events defined for a particular bank, a standard bank select message is sent for that bank.

    For bank messages that need a channel (MIDI controller messages, for example), the channel of the instrument is used. This feature is especially useful for multi-instruments, as you only need to create one set of bank messages for all 16 subchannels. If an instrument’s channel is set to All, channel 1 is used.

The custom bank select information becomes part of the instrument, and is automatically copied with it, if you replicate the instrument object.