MIDI click objects

The MIDI click object is used to create note events at bar, beat, and division intervals. These can be sent to either a MIDI port or the internal speaker.

Figure. Environment window showing a MIDI click object and its inspector.

Each project can have only one MIDI click object. You only need to create a MIDI click object if the one that existed when the project was created has been deleted.

Create a MIDI click object

  • Choose New > MIDI Metronome Click.

Turn the MIDI click on or off

  • Click the Metronome button in the Logic Pro control bar.

    Figure. Control bar showing the Metronome button.

You can access Metronome project settings by Control-clicking the Metronome button and choosing Metronome Settings from the shortcut menu. In this pane, you can set the MIDI click to play during playback or recording. The pane mirrors the settings of the MIDI click Object inspector: checkboxes for Bar, Beat, and Division allow you to generate note events separately for bars, beats, and divisions; the Channel, Note, and Velocity parameters define the MIDI channel, note number, and velocity of generated notes; the MIDI Port parameter allows you to set a direct output port for the metronome. See Metronome settings for details.