Multi-instrument objects overview

A multi-instrument is like a collection of 16 standard instruments in one package.

Figure. Environment window showing a multi-instrument object and its inspector.

You will generally use multi-instrument objects to address multi-timbral hardware synthesizers or samplers. A multi-timbral sound module is one that can receive on several MIDI channels at once, playing back a different sound on each channel simultaneously.

As most modern MIDI devices are multi-timbral, the multi-instrument will probably be the most commonly used instrument object in your Environment.

The multi-instrument object parameters are a shorter set of the standard instrument object parameters (see Common object parameters). The settings you make in the multi-instrument’s Track inspector apply globally to all subchannels.

Create a new multi-instrument object

  • Choose New > Multi-Instrument.

View the multi-instrument’s Track inspector

  • Click the icon at the top of the multi-instrument object.

The whole multi-instrument object is selected, allowing you to set the Port parameter, for example.