ReWire objects

You can use ReWire objects to send MIDI data to ReWire-compatible applications and their software instruments. To connect to a ReWire-compatible software instrument, first open Logic Pro and then the ReWire application. When shutting down, first quit the ReWire application, then Logic Pro. You can use the Library to create ReWire objects automatically.

Figure. Environment window showing a ReWire object and its inspector.

Apart from common parameters, the Rewire object offers three settings:

  • Device pop-up menu: This setting refers to the ReWire application or applications that Logic Pro can connect to. If one or more ReWire applications is open, the Device parameter displays the names of these applications.

  • Bus pop-up menu: Use to choose the ReWire bus from all available ReWire busses. If a ReWire application provides bus names, they are shown. If using Reason, the names of the instruments available in the Reason Rack are shown from Bus 6 upward, in place of numbers.

  • Channel pop-up menu: Sets the MIDI channel of the ReWire object.

Manually create a ReWire object in the Environment

  • Choose New > ReWire.