Environment overview

The Environment refers to the virtual environment of Logic Pro inside your computer. It provides a virtual view of your MIDI studio, giving you complete control over your MIDI setup, and includes the following objects.

Figure. Environment window showing a variety of objects.
  • Physical Input and Sequencer Input objects: Represent the physical MIDI inputs of your MIDI interface and the Logic Pro input.

  • Instrument objects: Virtual representations of each MIDI device (synthesizers and samplers, for example) in your MIDI rig.

  • Faders, knobs, switches, and other objects: Used to create new data, or to control and modify the MIDI signal flow in real time.

It’s not essential to know about—or even open—the Environment in order to make music with the Logic Pro instruments or your external MIDI sound generators and keyboards. When you create new instrument or external MIDI tracks, Logic Pro automatically generates Mixer channel strips, and also creates and configures any Environment objects that are needed for basic input and output.

Note: This is also true of audio channel strips (and other channel strip types, such as aux and output channel strips), but you will rarely need to access these objects in the Environment, as you have full control over these channel strips in the Mixer.

The Environment is only available when Additional MIDI Options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane.

Open the Environment window

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Open MIDI Environment (or press Command-0).

  • Use the Toggle Environment key command to do one of the following:

    • Open an Environment window.

    • Bring an open Environment window to the front.

    • Close an Environment window, if it’s the active window.