Create projects

You start working in Logic Pro by creating a new project. In the Project Chooser, you can choose a template to use as the starting point for a new project.

Each project has project properties including the project tempo, time and key signature, and more. You can edit some project properties in the Project Chooser when you create a project, and change them later while you’re working. For full details about project properties, see Project properties overview.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can choose to have Logic Pro create a project folder that contains the project file, along with subfolders for assets and other files used in the project (including audio files, impulse responses, sample instruments, samples, and Ultrabeat samples).

When you create a project folder for a new project, the project file is saved in the project folder, and the file types selected in the Save dialog are saved to the corresponding subfolder in the project folder.

Create a project

  1. Choose File > New (or press Command-N).

  2. In the Project Chooser, select an option from the list on the left:

    Figure. Project Chooser with Empty Project selected.
    • To see all available project templates: Click New Project.

    • To see recently open projects: Click Recent.

    • To see user-created templates: Click My Templates.

  3. Select the type of project you want to create.

  4. To edit project settings for the project, click the Details triangle in the lower-left part of the Project Chooser and do any of the following:

    Figure. Details in the lower half of the Project Chooser, for setting project properties.
    • To set the project tempo: Drag the Tempo slider, enter a tempo in the Tempo field, or click the Tap Tempo button several times.

    • To have regions in the project use the musical grid: Select the “Use musical grid” checkbox.

    • To set the key signature: Choose a key from the Key Signature pop-up menu, then click Major or Minor.

    • To set the time signature: Click the arrows to change the number of beats, or double-click the time signature and enter a new time signature.

    • To set the audio input: Choose an input source from the Audio Input pop-up menu (for audio tracks only).

    • To set the audio output: Choose an output (device) from the Audio Output pop-up menu.

    • To set the project sample rate: Choose a sample rate from the Sample Rate pop-up menu.

    • To set the project frame rate: Choose a frame rate from the Frame Rate pop-up menu.

    • To set the surround format for surround projects: Choose a surround format from the Surround Format pop-up menu.

  5. Click Choose.

    The new project opens.

When you create a project, the project is automatically saved. The first time you close the project, close Logic Pro, or create a project alternative, the Save dialog appears, so you can set the project name and location. When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can also choose whether to save the project as a single file (package) or folder, and select which assets are saved in the project. For more information about saving projects, see Save projects.

Create an empty default project

  • Hold down Option while choosing File > New.

You can also set Logic Pro to create a project automatically on startup by choosing a startup action in the Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Project Handling pane. For more information, see Project Handling preferences.