Projects overview

A project is a Logic Pro document that contains all of your recordings, the location of media files you add, and all the changes you make. You start working in Logic Pro by creating a project, or opening an existing project. You can have multiple projects open at the same time, and transfer media and other data between them.

Each project has project properties including tempo, key and time signature, and more. You can set project properties when you create a project, or later while you’re working. You can preview projects in the Finder using Quick Look, clean up and rename projects, and share data and settings between projects.

A project can include assets, such as audio and video files, sampler instruments and samples for the EXS24 or Ultrabeat, and Space Designer reverb impulse response files. You can manage project assets in a variety of ways.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can save a project as either a single file (package), or as a project folder containing the project file and subfolders for project assets. You can also create and save project alternatives, each with a unique name and different settings, and access saved backups of a project.