Set the playhead position

The playhead is the vertical line showing the current playback position in the Tracks area and other time-based windows (such as the Audio Track Editor, Piano Roll Editor, and Score Editor).

Set the playhead in the ruler

  • Click a position in the lower half of the ruler.

Set the playhead position in the LCD

Do one of the following:

  • Click-hold any of the numbers in the Position display and drag vertically.

  • Double-click either display field, and then enter a new position.

    Figure. Position display in the LCD selected, ready to type the new position.

The LCD can display the playhead position in Beats or Time format, or both, depending on which display mode you choose. Beats displays the playhead position in bars, beats, beat divisions, and ticks, while Time displays the playhead position in hours, minutes, seconds, and fractions of a second.

You can edit the individual divisions of the Position display by dragging, or edit the position as a whole by double-clicking and typing.

Set the playhead to the start of a marker

  • Click anywhere on the marker while holding down Option.